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Welcome to EST!  Based in Denver, Colorado, EST offers youth soccer training and summer soccer camps in addition to adult soccer fitness classes.  Find your program and experience the EST difference!

"I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'born' soccer player. Perhaps you are born with certain skills and talents, but quite frankly it seems impossible to me that one is actually born to be an ace soccer player."  -Pelé

EST Pro Soccer Training

Denver Soccer Training

Train with an MLS Player! 

Colorado Rapids star Bobby Burling has joined EST! Don't miss the opportunity to have individual or small group lessons with a soccer pro!

EST Prep - School Programs

Soccer Camp Denver Youth Soccer

Bring EST to Your School!

EST Prep brings soccer and athletic training to your school! We offer programs for after-school or recess for K - 8th grade. Enhance fitness and fun at your school!

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Experience the EST Difference!

At Elite Soccer Training, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality experience we can deliver. That's why whether you attend an EST soccer camp, sign-up for private training, or come to an EST Fit soccer fitness session, you'll see how we spend the time and money to hire the best coaches, buy the best equipment, design the best curriculum, and deliver a professional experience. 

EST is a Denver local company that has no official ties (although we do have connections if you need them) to any soccer club in Colorado, meaning we have only YOUR best interests at heart and can truly act as an independent advisor to help you navigate the world of club and (hopefully) college soccer. With NCAA Division I and professional playing experience, we've been through it all as players and can help you with the technical, tactical, and mental skills it takes to reach your soccer goals! We also have valuable experience off the soccer field, as we have advanced college degrees and day jobs in the professional world. We understand the role soccer plays in a happy, balanced life, perspective that can be tough to come by in this business where most full-time coaches have never worked professionally outside of the soccer world. 

Please reach out to us today, we would love to hear from you! Whether it's to sign-up for one of our fantastic soccer camps, to ask a question about college recruiting, or just for an explanation of the offside rule, our goal is to enhance your soccer skills and knowledge!

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EST Aspire Soccer Camp

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EST Premier - Individual and Group Soccer Training

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Featured Program - EST Aspire Soccer Camp

Our signature program that highlights all facets of the EST Difference, EST Aspire soccer camps are designed in contrast to the average soccer camp. Instead of aiming for mediocre by providing strict, unchanging curriculum to be applied at every camp in all situations, we incentivize our trainers to be creative. We only hire trainers with the talent to customize their sessions to each unique child, group, and camp. EST provides the framework for a soccer camp that effectively teaches all age-appropriate aspects of the game, but we allow our trainers the flexibility to make it unique and fun within that framework. We believe that by empowering our trainers we get the best, most-engaged soccer coaching talent available, and that it translates to the best soccer camp experience in Colorado!

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